Mayan Descendants
Marco Island may have been inhabited first by descendants of the Maya Indians.  You can find more information here.

Island Group
Marco Island is part of an island group known as the ten thousand islands.

Marco Island

Marco Island is located a short distance from Naples, Florida.  The island is located within Collier County.

Marco Island is the largest of a group of barrier islands lying along the southwest coast of Florida.  The islands, as a group, are known as the Ten Thousand Islands.

Approximately 14 square miles in size, the island has six miles of beaches and many more miles of waterways.  Another web site, has an excellent series of maps online which show all the streets and waterways.

Once inhabited by Indians, later by the Spanish, today Marco Island attracts tourists from many states and countries.  The island population nearly doubles during the winter months as many come seeking the warmth of nearly tropical weather and the numerous natural and manmade attractions of southern Florida.

For many, the prime attraction of Florida, especially southern Florida, is its winter weather.  Because of that, it is very easy to check this area's weather.  There are too many internet links to list for checking (or gloating over,) the local weather conditions.  Several more are listed in my links page.



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